Grandma whipping cream

Grandma whipping cream

Grandma whipping cream, originally uploaded by Michael Sallmen.

Actually it’s soy topping, that’s not too bad.

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2 Responses to “Grandma whipping cream”

  1. Michael Says:

    I took this picture and posted it with my cell phone because mother was thinking of signing up for Facebook tonight. I wanted her to see it in my Facebook feed. (I didn’t tell her that when I took the picture.) Later, she (wisely?) decided that she just didn’t have time to use Facebook because she rarely finds time to get on the computer. My brother took a while to convince that Facebook was for him. Mother should take a little longer.

  2. Paul Says:

    Facebook isn’t for me. I just have an account. You notice how much I use it? The only reason I don’t close it is because I may want to contact some long lost friend someday…

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